The Tight Labor Market: 9 Key Figures

The tight labor market has been a hot topic for many years now, and for good reason. With unemployment rates at historic lows and the demand for skilled workers outpacing the supply, it’s no wonder that businesses are struggling to find the talent they need to grow and succeed. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at 9 key figures that provide a snapshot of the current state of the labor market.

The Hiring Manager Maturity Model

Hiring managers are responsible for most of the delays and mistakes in hiring staff. So, if you want to improve the quality of the recruitment process, improve diversity hiring or shorten the time to hire, it makes sense to try to get managers more involved in recruitment.

Expert Interview with Jacco Valkenburg on Social Recruiting

Instead of relying on selecting from the best possible applicants, organizations can use social media to proactively search for the best candidates. For that reason, more and more organizations are embracing direct sourcing and stop advertising for jobs.

LinkedIn Certified Professional Recruiter

LinkedIn launched a new certification program, LinkedIn Certified Professional – Recruiter, and we are one of the first to obtain this certification! It’s the only program with an official LinkedIn status.