Career news via Windows Phone 7

October 12th, 2011 - Jacco Valkenburg

“Windows Phone 7 Series marks a turning point toward phones that truly reflect the speed of people’s lives and their need to connect to other people and [accomplish other] seamless experiences.”

With these words, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer launched the new Windows Phone 7. And it gets better for everyone interested in career related news because our most popular App is now also available for Windows Phone 7! Our WP7 App contains the latest news, tips and tricks for job seekers from career coaches and recruiters around the world.

This App is aimed at English, Dutch and German readers and contains many references to online career sources. It also includes 2 news feeds with LinkedIn related articles supporting books about ‘Career Management via LinkedIn‘, in English and Dutch.

Windows Phone 7 owners visit Windows Marketplace or search for ‘Career Tip‘. Users of an iPhone / iPad or Android follow the provided link. This App is part of our White Label Mobile Applications, aimed at the Staffing and Recruiting Industry.



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