20th anniversary as Interim Recruitment Specialist

December 5th, 2019 - Jacco Valkenburg

On 5th of December 1999 I started my first interim recruitment assignment at KPN(Qwest). Today is my anniversary because this happened 20 years ago. That was a special day for several reason, one reason is that I moved house from Eindhoven to The Hague for this!

I still love my job today ❤️

Finding exceptional talents that deliver excellent results as a team is my passion. What I love doing most is sharing my knowledge and experience to develop other recruiters to become the very best, so they can source and select the right talents faster. I’m very sure I’ll be doing recruitment projects for the rest of my life.

Interesting fact. Today there are more than 1.500 Interim Recruiters active in The Netherlands. But did you know that end of last century – yes I know, that’s sounds like a long time ago – Interim Recruitment was not common in The Netherlands? In fact, there are less than a handful of Interim Recruiters who have been working this way with clients for almost 20 years.

Personally I’ve completed 24 large projects in those 20 years, and finishing 2 at this moment. That is an average duration of almost 10 months at my clients. And 8 projects (1:3) were with clients where I worked in the past!

A special day for me 🙏


Jacco Valkenburg


For more information feel free to contact Jacco Valkenburg, by telephone +31 6 2825 7098 or by e-mail jacco@recruit2.com

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