Certified LinkedIn Corporate Recruiter Expert

October 24th, 2012 - Jacco Valkenburg

It’s all really official now as Jacco Valkenburg, the author of the bestseller ‘Recruitment via LinkedIn‘, became a Certified LinkedIn Recruiter Expert on October 23, 2012!

Recruiting on LinkedIn is more than just knowing how to post jobs, search the network and send InMail. Expert recruiters take advantage of everything LinkedIn has to offer. The right person for open positions. Knowing the best ways to find and attract that person is key to a successful placement.

The certificate was achieved this week at the LinkedIn Talent Connect event in London, where more than 500 of Europe’s top employers were present. With this recognition, we joined a group exclusively for LinkedIn Corporate Recruiter license holders who have completed the LinkedIn Corporate Recruiter Expert Program.

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Here’s a screenshot of one of the questions to give you an impression of the level of this assessment:


For more information feel free to contact Jacco Valkenburg, by telephone +31 6 2825 7098 or by e-mail jacco@recruit2.com

Reacties (7)

  1. Devendra Kumar
    February 18, 2013 om 02:04

    Hello Sir.
    Hope you are doing great!
    I have some queries Below. Would be appreciable and helpful if you do answer.
    1- what is the education and experienced required to get this certificate?
    2-Certificate fee? And how long course would be?
    3- Can anyone get this certificate online?
    4-Is there any specified book to pass this exam? If yes then please name it.

    • Jacco Valkenburg
      February 18, 2013 om 08:51

      This specific exam is provided by LinkedIn and requires a deep understanding and experience with their LinkedIn Recruiter products (no books provided). There’s no fee and the exam takes approx an half hour. If you want more information I have to refer you to your LinkedIn account representative.

      • Deepjoy Basak
        July 10, 2013 om 12:40

        Hi Jacco ,

        I would like to take the LinkedIn recruiter Exam. Could you please refer me to the concerned Linked representative so that I could have a detailed discussion with them.

        Waiting for your kind revert ,


        • Jacco Valkenburg
          July 10, 2013 om 13:53

          @Deepjoy Unfortunately LinkedIn has just stopped with this certification. Perhaps they’ll come with something new but it’s unsure what and when.

  2. Neeti
    February 25, 2013 om 23:35

    Hi Jacco,

    Is this course only meant for corporate recruiters or it can also be taken by third party recruiters too.

    Appreciate if you may be able to guide me on this. Thanks.


    • Jacco Valkenburg
      February 26, 2013 om 11:03

      I believe this certification is meant for corporate recruiters who mentor, provide training or support to other recruiters that use LinkedIn Recruiter.

  3. Jacco Valkenburg
    October 2, 2013 om 15:54

    UPDATE. LinkedIn launched a new certification program: LinkedIn Certified Professional—Recruiter via http://certification.linkedin.com. This program is far more robust then the ‘Expert test’ previously. Suggested prerequisites include 6 Webinars, 15 tutorials, with 2 years as a recruiter, and 6 months hands on experience with LinkedIn Recruiter. The Exam is administered in a formal testing center.

    And there’s more good news: between now and December 31, 2013, LinkedIn will waive the exam fee for the first 500 customers that register for the LinkedIn Certified Professional—Recruiter certification exam.


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