Our short URL: rcru.it

April 16th, 2011 - Jacco Valkenburg

Reducing the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) length makes sharing easier. Therefore we were keen on having our own short URL domain:


So next time you see an URL that that starts with http://rcru.it, you know the information is brought to you by Recruit2.

URL shortening is a technique in which an URL is made substantially shorter in length and still direct to the required page. For example, the URL http://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/52762/1C9C2422549E can be shortened to http://rcru.it/ingroup (a custom link to the fastest growing group for Recruiters on LinkedIn). This is especially convenient for messaging technologies such as Twitter, which severely limit the number of characters that may be used in a message. Short URLs allow otherwise long web addresses to be referred to in a tweet.

Another benefit is that it allows for measuring and monitoring user behaviour to view complete, real-time traffic and referrer data, as well as location and metadata.

Ask us for more information about measuring your traffic and creating (recruitment) dashboards.


For more information feel free to contact Jacco Valkenburg, by telephone +31 6 2825 7098 or by e-mail jacco@recruit2.com

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