A Vision on Sourcing Talent on Social Media

April 25th, 2012 - Jacco Valkenburg

As they appeal to huge numbers of users, social networks are a relevant place for a company to build up a talent pool. Asserting an employer brand online will be all the more effective on targeted web communities whose members are most likely to match the sought-after profiles.
The company’s employees, if present on these discussion forums, can act as ambassadors for their employer.

Social recruiting is a relatively new phenomenon. How are companies using it? View or download the whitepaper A Vision on Sourcing Talent on Social Media from ADP Europe. With contributions from:

Peter Gold (UK)
Founder of Hire Strategies Limited, online recruitment
“Social networks give companies a means of finding the best people to fill their vacancies. It’s an opportunity to be proactive and stop recruiting leavers”

Jacques Froissant (France)
Founder of Altaïde, innovative HR services
“Social networks also provide the chance to boost a company’s recruitment culture”

François Scholtz
Global Staffing Leader, ADP ES international
“Being able to track how we source talent is a prerequisite.”

Jacco Valkenburg (The Netherlands)
International consultant
“The added benefit of using a social network is being able to have real conversations with web users.”


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