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October 28th, 2010 - Jacco Valkenburg
Newspaper Trouw, 6 June 2010 On the internet you should not
be modest
Eisma Recruitment Special, May 2010 Finding the best candidates
via social media
OTYS, January 2010 CV redundant in online application
HRMagazine Belgium, December 2009 Recruiting via LinkedIn
Elsevier, 31 October 2009 Basis for expansion
Gelderlander, 28 October 2009 A public certificate
Management Team, October 2009 Recruitment via LinkedIn course
P&Oactueel, October 2009 New spam laws for recruiters
Elsevier, October 2009 Online netwerking offers more
TKMST, September/October 2009 Googled and found
Recruitr, August 2009 Referral recruitment whitepaper
Werf&, July 2009 Dossier recruitment systems
Elsevier.nl, June 2009 Branding via LinkedIn for jobs
Switch magazine, June 2009 New job via LinkedIn
De Pers, 12 May 2009 How to get a job online
De Pers, 5 May 2009 Worldchampion LinkedIn
NRC.next, April 2009 Look. Create your profile like this
ZIN magazine, April 2009 Networking at 3 am
FD book review, February 2009 Finer details of LinkedIn
Elsevier, February 2009 The secrets of LinkedIn
Management Team, February 2009 Smart networking
Welten In Praktijk, December 2008 LinkedIn as succesful recruiting
Elsevier, November 2008 24 hours per day networking
Gids voor Personeelsmanagement, October 2008 Networking, done online
Werf&, June 2008 Recruitment via LinkedIn
Algemeen Dagblad, April 2008 A job via LinkedIn
Flexmarkt, April 2008 LinkedIn: walhalla for recruiters
P&O Actueel, April 2008 Recruitment via LinkedIn & Hyves (survey)
Business in H.R.D., October 2007 Vision on recruitment agencies
Creative Excellence Award 2007 1st prize “global communications – online media”
Business in H.R.D., July 2007 Jobsites, fast but low quality
Business in H.R.D., December 2006 Expert HR-consultant
Mr. Magazine, September 2006 Masterclasses as mutual marketing tool
Memory Magazine, June 2006 The search for most promising graduates…
Volkskrant Banen, May 2006 Best Graduate
NRC Handelsblad, February 2006 Shopping in Business Courses
Business in H.R.D., October 2005 The best selection?
Business in H.R.D., January 2005 Consultant match?
The Hague Online, September 2004 The Registration Procedure in The Netherlands
Business in H.R.D., September 2004 Forum HR Consultancy
The Hague Online, August 2004 The 30% Ruling Explained
PW Vakblad, 13 march 2004 HRM in starting organisations
Recruiters United Recruiter of the year 2003
Personeelsnet Recruiter of the year 2002


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