Skills-Based Hiring Report 2022

December 9th, 2022 - Jacco Valkenburg

The world of work is changing fast. So how are companies finding the right talent?

The benefits are outstanding and inspiring for companies that have already embraced skills-based hiring. Businesses reported increased employee retention and workplace diversity while reducing costs and time-to-hire.

Have a read here: State of Skills-Based Hiring report 2022

This report from TestGorilla is based on research from +2700 employers and +2600 candidates surveyed.

My personal quote is included in this report:

Companies are increasingly relying on online assessments when selecting candidates. Online assignments test an applicant’s skills and capabilities, so a traditional resume and cover letter are no longer needed. Companies make a first selection using an online assessment or referrals, and only then does a candidate get an interview. This may feel scary to job applicants, but it’s fair. It offers opportunities to less experienced people who are good at their jobs. A spelling mistake on your resume or a weak cover letter are of less importance. Juniors can beat seniors on knowledge and skills and thus move into a higher position.”


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