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April 3rd, 2019 - Jacco Valkenburg

The field of recruitment is shifting continuously. What is the ‘ideal’ profile of a recruiter? Is there one specific profile or are there different ways of becoming successful? How is recruiting developing?

Questions that might pop up in your mind as well. That is the reason why we, Ixly, started an international research in collaboration with Recruit2, Recruiter University and Recruiting Roundtable. Want to join?

How does it work?

Fill in the online questionnaires about your personality and career values, and answer questions about your profession and professional activities. The research includes Adaptive Work-related Personality Inventory and the Adaptive Career Values Inventory. There is no need to fill in the questionnaires all at once; you may log in at a later moment to complete them when it suits you.

All for free?

Yes, participating is entirely free. We only ask you to take some time to fill in the questionnaires in a serious manner. This will take about 60 minutes. You will receive a detailed report that provides insight into your personality and career values, worth 165 euros!

Privacy statement

We would like to emphasize that all data are processed anonymously and confidentially by Ixly. Of course, your personal results won’t be publicly shared. After the research, we will organize a meeting in which we will present and explain the (anonymized) outcomes.

Why participate?

There is no denying: the shortage on the labor market is noticeable. How do you make a difference as a recruiter? With a personal profile, you can advertise yourself in a positive way! You receive a report which enables you to see how you relate to your national and international colleagues.

Note: this assessment is also available in Dutch language (click here).


Who organises the study?

Ixly is the largest provider of assessment tools in the Netherlands, founded in 2005 by Diddo van Zand. With the mission “creating happy companies for the future”, Ixly develops innovative, professional psychological tests and 360-degree tools for E-HRM. With a team of advisors, psychologists, methodologists and IT professionals, Ixly wants to help HR professionals to retain and attract happy employees.

Recruit2 successfully helps organisations – such as Maersk, Knab, TomTom, KPN, Canon and others – to improve their recruitment, from strategy to realisation. Strategic advice and mediation of (interim) recruiters can be part of the improvement process.

For over 12 years, Recruiter University has been the top recruitment training institute in the Netherlands with a wide range of innovative Employer Branding and recruitment training courses. is a popular recruitment blog, especially in the Netherlands. Together with a group of permanent and guest bloggers, the blog focuses on news, cases, practical how-tos, trends and much more in the field of online recruitment.


For more information feel free to contact Jacco Valkenburg, by telephone +31 6 2825 7098 or by e-mail

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