Career Management via LinkedIn

ISBN13: 9789049104399
Uitgever: Spectrum
Authors: Aaltje Vincent & Jacco Valkenburg
Release date: August 2010
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Networking, in other words, gaining personal contact with people in your professional field, is the way to find new work. As a business online social network, LinkedIn is the ideal tool for raising your profile, and building and maintaining your network.

The rapid growth in the number of people placing their profiles on LinkedIn, is driving more and more companies and organizations to use LinkedIn to locate and recruit the best talent for work.
LinkedIn has many facets that make it such an exceptionally useful tool for jobseekers. But research has shown that many LinkedIn users are either not aware of the possibilities it offers, or they are not making maximum use of its potential.

In this practical guide, we will take you step by step, from creating a clear profile, building and informing your network, and finding the hiring managers at the companies you want to work for, right till the stage of preparing you for your job interview. Once you have gone through all the steps mentioned here, you will not only begin to get a good feel of the job market and how it works, but will also develop a strong knowledge base for networking, and for applying for jobs via LinkedIn.

This guide will help you ensure that:

  • Your online profile, public CV and references are complete and up to date.
  • You have mapped out your personal job market (i.e. where do you want to work?) using LinkedIn.
  • Your contacts will find you for the work you are looking for.
  • Your job interviews are well prepared, thanks to LinkedIn.

All this information is further complemented with proven tips, unique tricks and a comprehensive explanation of all the built-in tools, to make the maximum use of the possibilities offered by LinkedIn and advance your career.

We wish you lots of success in using LinkedIn to find new work or assignments!

Aaltje Vincent & Jacco Valkenburg


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Career Management via LinkedIn

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