Recruitment 3.0

Recruiting in a world of social media, chatbots & AI

Written for anyone who wants to go to the ‘Expert level’ of Recruitment.

EAN: 9789462155787 (2018, Dutch only)
Publisher: Vakmedianet
Author: Jacco Valkenburg
Number of pages: 234
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About Recruitment 3.0

Recruitment via LinkedIn (2008)

In the first book I wrote in 2008, Recruitment via LinkedIn, I helped HR professionals recruit staff in a different way. From ‘Classic reactive recruiting’ (recruiting via advertisements, then selecting the best job applicant) to proactively finding the best candidates in LinkedIn’s immense profile database. LinkedIn, the largest online business network in the world offered, and still offers, the best opportunities and possibilities for this approach.

Recruitment via Social Media (2014)

Today, finding a potentially suitable candidate is no longer difficult. Although it requires certain technical skills – such as Boolean Search, good knowledge of LinkedIn and professional sales techniques – it is equally important that you have a good story with a unique and distinctive Employer Value Proposition. After all, the talent has to choose for your organisation or vacancy and that starts with a strong employer brand. In the book that followed in 2014, Recruitment via Social Media, I helped organisations to use the ‘other’ social media (such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube) to profile themselves better and create conversations through content. Because a strong employer brand is the best long-term strategy for finding and retaining the most suitable employees.

Recruitment 3.0 (2018)

We have now entered the third generation of digitisation in which social media and mobile technology have become commonplace. The era in which we no longer distinguish between social media recruitment and recruitment, because recruitment simply cannot be done without the use of social media. Hence the title of this new book, Recruitment 3.0, because this is the phase of automation with smart software or robots. People (or recruiters) are no longer needed for many simple to complex repetitive tasks.

Technologies that will improve our lives are Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Internet Of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Chatbots, Robots et cetera. These developments will also change the world of recruitment and employee selection dramatically and fast by, among other things, offering a better candidate experience when contacting an organisation thanks to a personal, real-time, error-free and very user-friendly experience.

Disruption is near. We move in to a new era of ​​better employee selection; from a selection based on the perfect resume and motivation letter to selection methods with a predictive value of success in a job. From the fingerspitzengefühl of the interviewer to data-based selection in which video and gamification also play an increasing role in preselection. In the meantime, it is technically possible to automate the entire process of recruitment and selection without involving a person!

This book:

  • Contains the completely revised versions of the books ‘Recruitment via LinkedIn‘ and ‘Recruitment via social media‘.
  • Describes all new disruptive technologies and their applications in the field of recruitment and selection of staff.
  • Is written for anyone who wants to go to the ‘Expert level’ of recruitment.

Enjoy reading,

Jacco Valkenburg
Author of Recruitment 3.0
Recruitment Architect at Recruit2, Trainer via Recruiter University, Blogger at


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Recruitment 3.0

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