ING Insurance

ING Insurance operates in 13 countries in Europe and has 4.000 employees. The current HR function and its architecture (HR policies, processes, systems, practices and advice) is locally driven and characterized by a high level of diversity.

Project: Developing a Recruitment Strategy

Hired to reshape and upgrade the Recruitment function to create high value and quality for the business in supporting them toward a new single operating model.

Main tasks and responsibilities

  • Ensure HR readiness for business transformation with a HR Service Delivery model (advice, policies, procedures, systems) that supports the business needs during the change in the new organisation.
  • Wrote a unified, regional HR policy for Recruitment, specifying a new approach and processes.
  • Conducted business requirements analysis for a software solution supporting the new policy for Recruitment.
  • Implemented Taleo10 software and state of the art new regional career sites (web2.0 ready).


For more information feel free to contact Jacco Valkenburg, by telephone +31 6 2825 7098 or by e-mail