Refer2 referral recruitment

Many referral recruitment programs, where the results are disappointing, have one thing in common. Only once is paid attention to the implementation and often it’s based on old ideas and concepts. At Refer2, a company of Recruit2, we do it different.

As one of the few real referral specialists, we offer advice, training and support. We help you and your employees with everything needed to turn everyone into a recruiter.

Unlike many other (social) referral recruitment providers, we do not help you with “new technology”; we ensure that your organization receives a well-performing referral program with a tailor-made bonus scheme and campaigns to boost referral hiring.

In short, we advise and assist where desired with the introduction (or improvement) of a referral program and the switch to the best and easiest way to recruit staff.

We improve referral recruitment in 4 steps

  1. Clear analysis: what is the current situation? What can be done better? Where are opportunities and challenges? We help to gain an overview and insight

  2. Smart strategy: use our many years of experience and knowledge of the success factors for referral recruitment

  3. Fast realization: Get creative out-of-the-box ideas and tips for rewarding active participation

  4. Support: with clear answers, research, advice or training (and everything tailored)

Invest in referral recruitment with one of these packages:

Basic package: scan & analysis € 1.750

A Referral Recruitment scan + action plan:

  1. analysis of the existing situation

  2. discussion of objectives and solutions for the desired situation

  3. referral recruitment DIY action plan

  4. including report and presentation

Special and temporary offer: normally € 2.500, now only € 1.750

Advanced package: strategic advice € 3.500

Customization is important to launch a truly successful referral program and keep it working for you. You need to know what it takes to make everyone an ambassador for your organization. What are the motivational reasons and obstacles to participation? Which remuneration scheme is associated with this? And how do you make it accessible? We will find out exactly that with our approach:

  1. kick-off meeting

  2. analysis of the existing situation

  3. discussion of objectives and solutions for the desired situation

  4. research and advice for a bonus scheme tailored to your organization

  5. referral recruitment plan

  6. including report, research results, coaching and 2 presentations

  7. after sales support

Special and temporary offer: normally € 5.000, now for € 3.500

Note: these offers are temporary and limited! Prices are going up again, so assure yourself of this great offer today.


For more information, please contact Jacco Valkenburg, telephone +31 6 2825 7098 or have a look at our dedicated website Refer2 referral recruitment.