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Improve your LinkedIn advanced search results using 147 industries

When searching for people on LinkedIn it’s sometimes useful to filter your search results on a specific industry. For job seekers it’s useful to search for decision-makers in companies that they prefer to work at and network with people who currently doing your dream job. For recruiters it’s useful to find the ‘perfect’ candidate with […]

Personalmarketing in sozialen Netzwerken (DNHK Markt)

Sechsmal im Jahr veröffentlicht die Redaktion der Deutsch-Niederländischen Handelskammer (DNHK) das zweisprachige Wirtschaftsmagazin “DNHK markt” mit exklusiven Inhalten aus den Feldern Unternehmen, Konjunktur, Kultur und Kontakte. Der “DNHK markt” ist das einzige zweisprachige Wirtschaftsmagazin für ganz Deutschland und die Niederlande. In der neuesten Ausgabe, 2012 nr.6, ein Artikel über “Social Career Networks” auf Seite 56 […]

A Vision on Sourcing Talent on Social Media

As they appeal to huge numbers of users, social networks are a relevant place for a company to build up a talent pool. Asserting an employer brand online will be all the more effective on targeted web communities whose members are most likely to match the sought-after profiles. The company’s employees, if present on these […]

Book ‘Career management via LinkedIn’ now available via Amazon UK

Our book ‘Career management via LinkedIn‘ is now available via Amazon UK! Networking is the way for finding new work. And this is done more and more online. LinkedIn has become an enormously popular network for maintaining business contacts, making it the perfect tool if you want to be found. How does LinkedIn work exactly? […]

LinkedIn in Numbers

On request by UK newspaper City A.M., we compiled a list of facts and figures about the usage of LinkedIn in the United Kingdom. Did you know that the site has 4,712,656 UK members at this moment?

Sirona Says – The Dutch LinkedIn Grandmaster Jacco Valkenburg

A raving review from Andy Headworth, blogger of the famous Sirona Says, about the book ‘Recruitment viaLinkedIn’. “Jacco has written a fantastic book on LinkedIn: Recruitment via LinkedIn – A practical guide for HR professionals, recruiters and employment market communication specialists. It really is the best LinkedIn book I have read! It covers everything you […]